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6 Gears
Optimal number of gears with adapted spread for use in all E-Bikes
High overall Gear Ratio
The gear ratio of 400 % enables maximum climbing capability and high top speeds
Shifting under Load
All gears can be shifted smoothly under load, increasing the riding comfort especially in E-Bikes
Precise Shifting
Gears shifting always happens in a firm and crisp fashion. It's precise and with constant resistance due to ergonomical grip shift.
Spoke Mount
New high strength spoke mounts in clean apperance for easy changing of spokes
Long Life Span
Long life span even under higher loads in E-Bikes
Helical Gears
Minimal noise in all gears and speeds
Hill Assist
Roll back stop for hills. Both hands can be taken off the handlebar.
Neutral Gear
The neutral gear (N) allows pushing the bike backwards by disabling the roll back stop of the hill assist
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Tech Sheet

Number of gears 6 + N
Overall gear ratio 396 %
135 mm x 10
142 mm x 12
148 mm x 12
Brake disc size 180 mm
203 mm
Chainline 54,7 mm
Sprocket / belt mount 9-Spline
Gear Gear Ratio Development (distance covered)
1st Gear 3,15 2,21
2nd Gear 2,34 2,97
3rd Gear 1,74 3,99
4th Gear 1,47 4,75
5th Gear 1,00 6,96
6th Gear 0,80 8,74
Maximum torque pedal
44:15 Primary Gear Ratio
250 Nm
Oil change interval First change after 1000 km or one year
Subsequent changes after 5000 km or once per year
Number of spokes 32
Type of spokes Straightpull
Rim sizes 20" - 29"
E-Bike requirements Free wheel at the crank/ motor
Weight < 2 kg

Compatibility  Thru Axle System

There must be a straight mounting surface for the adapter on the outside of the frame with a minimum diameter of 20 mm.

The frame width between the dropouts needs to be 142 or 148 mm. Postmount points suitable for 160 mm or 180 mm brake disc are necessary.

If there is a straight stop at the left dropout, the frame width must be between 12 and 15 mm. The frame width on the right side must be 14 - 17 mm and there must be a M12 thread with a pitch of 1.0, 1.5 or 1.75.

If there is a 45° cone at the left dropout, the shown dimension must be between 7 and 10 mm.

Compatibility  Vertical Dropouts

The hooking area for the axis must be slightly more than 10 mm in diameter or width.

The frame width between the dropouts needs to be approx. 135 mm.

There must be postmount screw-on points for a 160 mm or a 180 mm brake disc.

The frame thickness must be between 6 mm and 10 mm at the axle mounting surface.



Spokes' Length Calculator

Spokes' Length Drive Side [mm]

Spokes' Length Brake Side [mm]


Ratio Calculator

  • Fine Gradation of Gear Shifts between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gears:
    Allows comfortable riding on steep to gentle inclines.
    Ideal for situations with low motor assistance.
  • Larger Gear Gap between 4th, 5th, and 6th Gears:
    Facilitates achieving higher speeds on straight or downhill sections.
    Optimizes performance for fast and efficient riding.

Wheel Size Tire Diameter [mm]






Primary Ratio
Front SprocketRear Sprocket
Primary Ratio  
Explanation: Various e-bike motors have an internal gearing (from crank to chainring), such as the Bosch Performance CX Gen. 2
Overall Primary Ratio
Internal Motor RatioOverall Primary Ratio

Cadence [1/min]
Gear Ratio
Gear Step
Development (distance covered)
[m per crank revolution]
1 2 3 4 5 6
25 km/h at a comfortable pedaling cadence
DEVELOPMENT of the 6 gears in meters per crank revolution
Velocities of the 6 gears in km/h



Du hast noch Fragen oder möchtest einfach ein bisschen mehr wissen? Dann wirf doch mal einen Blick auf folgende Fragen & Antworten:

Yes, it is even optimized for use in e-bikes.

As we use the freewheel of the electric motors to implement a hill start aid or a roll-back stop, the current version of the hub is only intended for use in e-bikes.

Revolute provides documentation for installation. However, a certain level of expertise is required to install the hub in such a way that safe operation can be guaranteed. For motivated retrofitters with less experience in the field of two-wheel mechanics, we offer a spoking service, which is carried out by our partner SES - Sandmann Ersatzteil Service. We do not carry out the final installation of the hub itself. However, installation instructions are supplied with every hub, so that the retrofit can also be carried out by yourself - in a reasonable amount of time and possibly with the support of your local bike dealer.
You can book the spoking of the hub when ordering  for a reasonable surcharge. Spoking is carried out by our reliable and competent partner SES – Sandmann Ersatzteil Service.  

Spoking is described in detail in the manual supplied with the hub.

Beim E-Bike-Fahren wird auf Grund der Motorunterstützung deutlich weniger geschaltet als beispielsweise beim sportlichen Rennradfahren, 6 Gänge sind daher ausreichend.

For example, you can shift gears on hills and do not lose speed if you shift too late. You can also shift gears when the motor is still assisting. There are no shifting errors or misfires.

The hill start assist is noticeable by the fact that you cannot roll backwards in forward gears 1-6. The concept is similar to that of modern cars, but is implemented mechanically and not electrically. If you want to maneuver or push backwards, you switch the twist grip to the "N" position (neutral gear) and can easily move the wheel - however, there is no power transmission from the pedals in this position.

Oil lubrication reduces friction. This results in better efficiency. In addition, oil can be changed in the event of ageing or moisture absorption, which ensures a long service life for the hub.

No, only the original HUB1 oil will work, as this is the only oil that can ensure problem-free operation. Other oils can damage the HUB1 due to various additives. The HUB1 oil has been specially developed for the requirements of the HUB1 and its riders.

No, there is only a grip shift.

No, so far there are only our own brake disks. These have been developed with a well-known German manufacturer and can be used for all standard brake systems. The bolt circle differs from previously available brake discs.

To override the hill start assist and be able to push the wheel backwards.

Yes, if it has 32 spoke holes.

The HUB1 can be installed in all standard bikes with thru axles, although the thru axle is replaced by a number of adapters. The HUB1 does not have a through hole through which a thru axle can be inserted. You can find the necessary data in the compatibility requirements and on the Techsheet.
The HUB1 can be installed in all standard bikes with O.L.D., but the quick-release skewers are replaced by a few adapters. The necessary data can be found on our homepage.

There are currently 135 mm, 142 mm and 148 mm. 150 mm is currently being tested

The sprocket has a Shimano 9-spline mount and can therefore also be replaced.

Yes, the HUB1 is compatible with standard pulleys that fit the existing Shimano 9-spline mount and are no wider than 5 mm.

Yes, we recommend using a chain or belt tensioner for the best riding experience and longevity and making the sprocket wrap as large as possible. The SB One chain tensioner is particularly suitable.

Currently 2.0 mm straight pull spokes. In the future, 2.3 mm will also be possible.

1200 N or the maximum spoke tension permitted by the rim used.

The HUB1 is 'Made in Germany'. This means that all components - with the exception of some standard parts - are manufactured in Germany. Quality control and assembly take place exclusively at Revolute in Germany.