Revolute Grip-C

  • MADE IN GERMANY – Kompromisslose Qualität aus Deutschland
  • ERGONOMIC - Excellent wrist relief
  • RESSOURCENSCHONEND – Kurze Transportwege, regionale Fertigung, Solarstrom und Wärmerückgewinnung
  • SICHER – Für Allergiker geeignet, PAK-Frei, TÜV-zertifiziert
  • UNIVERSELL – Geeignet für alle Arten von Fahrrädern und E-Bikes


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Made in Germany

Modern design paired with uncompromising ergonomics and high-quality made in Germany turns the Grip-C into the optimal companion for everyday life. Whether on a trekking, city or mountain bike.

In the development, special emphasis was placed on the best possible relief of the wrists even on long and demanding tours.

To meet today's requirements for sustainability, we rely on regional manufacturing in the area around Kassel, in the heart of Germany, with short transport routes

By using solar power and heat recuperation, the efficient production of our manufacturing partners contributes to more sustainability.


Included in delivery

  • 1x left grip
  • 1x right grip
  • 1x clamping piece left (color of your choice)
  • 1x clamping piece right (color of your choice)
  • 2x screw
  • 1x mounting tool
  • 1x assembly instructions